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Course: Aluminum Composite Material - FR: Manufacturing, Installation & Sustainability

Accreditation: 1 AIA HSW - 1 IDCEC CEU


This presentation summarizes Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) – Fire Rated fundamentals and discusses manufacturing process, finishes, applications and environmental impacts. It also explains the versatility, sustainability, functionality of aluminum composite material (ACM) and discusses why it is selected for architectural cladding, interiors, and signage applications in new and existing buildings around the world.

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Course: Aluminum Composite Material in Multifamily Construction

Accreditation: 1 LU/HSW


This presentation summarizes Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Fire Rated fundamentals and its use in commercial wood-framed multifamily construction. The presentation discusses the history and advantage of rainscreen in exterior cladding , the benefits of two-sided route and return systems, opportunities for customization, and design considerations necessary for installation. It also reviews the architectural and design trends for mid-rise multifamily projects in North America.

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Team invite for Monarc 5.1.2024Course: Introducing MONARC, a waterproof Aluminum Composite Material designed for interior spaces.


In this presentation, you will learn about the innovative waterproof features of MONARC - an Aluminum Composite Material that is set to revolutionize interior design and construction. MONARC offers a versatile and durable solution that can be used in both commercial and residential spaces, inspiring creativity and enhancing any project. We will also discuss the various applications of ACM and provide installation and fabrication details of the material.

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Cascadia coverCourse: The Effective Thermal Performance of the Building Enclosure: Exterior Walls

Accreditation: 1 AIA HSW, 1 GBCI + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA , 1 AANB, 1 NSAA, 1 ALBNL Structured LU


Today, many new buildings must meet the ASHRAE 90.1 requirements for thermal performance.  This is a tough objective, since documented proof is required. Effective R-values must be met, not just nominal values, which means that high conductivity materials that cause thermal bridges must be considered in the modelling and calculations.

Often, meeting ASHRAE’s challenging prescriptive compliance is not even enough; some designers look to walls to make up for thermal performance shortfalls from other parts of the building enclosure – such as high glazing area percentages.  Many of today’s conventional wall assemblies fall short of even basic compliance, causing larger, thicker, and more costly assemblies than ever before.

Learn what current wall assemblies are getting closest to the target performance levels, what the code–prescribed targets are for your region, and what some innovative companies and designers are doing to solve this issue, both with conventional and proprietary approaches, while saving cost at the same time.

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CereClad Fiber Cement coverCERACLAD LOGO 1

Course: Specifying Fiber Cement Wall Systems

Accreditation: 1 AIA HSW / LU CE Hour

Description: This course will discuss different options available for fiber cement cladding and how fiber cement can be used to meet project aesthetic, budget and performance goals.


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Course: Natural Slate for Rainscreen & Direct Apply Cladding

Accreditation: AIA – 1.5: Yes HSW: Yes

Materials discussed will provide a better understanding for the proper specification and usage of natural slate materials for rainscreen and direct apply cladding for architectural applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how cladding slate is produced…From the quarry to the wall…
  • Understand how to identify slate quality and detect potential problems. 
  • What to ask the project when using slate in a project?
  • Understand th ventilated façade systems with natural slate…from a technical and practical point of view.

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Owens Corning inviteCourse: Exterior Wall Assemblies: Meeting Today’s Changing Codes (Thermal and Fire Requirements)


In this seminar you will learn:

  • Energy Code Updates and Compliance Paths
  • Prescriptive R-value and U-values
  • Project examples
  • Continuous Insulation options and performance in Cold Climates
  • Thermal conductivity (and R-value) are temperature dependent
  • Z Furring and potential thermal loss
  • WUFI (hygrothermal) analysis for walls in Minnesota’s climate
  • NFPA 285 Fire Compliance combustible and non combustible assemblies
  • Foam plastic solutions (Masonry)
  • Mineral wool solutions (Combustible Claddings/WRB’s)

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Course: Understanding Hpl And The Benefits Of Rainscreen Applications

Accreditation: Read More


  • Learn about HPL exterior panels for the construction of rainscreen applications from the manufacturing process of the High Pressure Laminate cladding to the proper guidelines for design and construction.  
  • Evaluate the benefits of using rainscreen applications by learning about the design and construction of rainscreen systems, attachment systems, panel characteristics, building codes, and how these components interact
  • Learn about the benefits of materials that go through an Electronic Beam Curing process  
  • Learn about product performance using diagrams of product construction and testing results to evaluate if the product is applicable for project requirements 
  • Discuss the benefits of using HPL rainscreen panels in popular market segments

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Designing Rough Openings for Proper Drainage and Drying


1 LU Hour, 1 IIBEC CEH

Rough openings will leak - learn how to properly sequence rough opening installation materials and allow the “leaks” to drain out and away from the building structure.

VS rough openings

Are Highly Permeable Membranes Too Permeable?



This comprehensive course offers a fresh look on how increased permeability in water resistive barriers will enhance wall assembly performance for the life of the building. 

VS Permeable Membrane

Extending the Life of the Roofing Assembly 


1 LU Hour, 1 IIBEC CEH

The roofing assembly is a critical element in a building's infrastructure. This webinar investigates the history of roofing underlayments and how advancements in breathable roofing underlayment technology can extend the life of the roofing assembly.

VS Roofing Assembly

The Benefits of Rainscreen Design



Learn the current research and field practices on vapor open (permeable), vented rain screen cladding wall assemblies and their impact to mitigate long-term water intrusion and enhance the drying capacity of the building envelope assembly for the life of the building.

VS Rainscreen