Woodn is a technical wood. The first of its kind in the world, it succeeds in combining two incompatible components like PVC and wood fibre to create a material with an intrinsically high aesthetic appeal in the material itself, rather than being the result of surface treatments typical of traditional WPC, with a dimensional stability that is much greater than both traditional WPC and wood itself.

Benefits of Woodn Panels:

  • Fire safe: Class 1 material and self-extinguishing
  • Limited dilation and compression; (max. 3mm/ linear m) due to temperature changes, even if abrupt.
  • Water-resistive: suitable for outdoor applications and very humid environments
  • Ecological: made of non-toxic materials and 100% recyclable
  • Lighter than similar industry products, easy to apply and transport
  • Resistant to woodworm, fungi, and parasites
  • Sound-absorbent and pleasant to touch
  • Thermoformable: bends without breaking; can be thermoformed to adapt to curves
  • Emission-free: does not emit formaldehyde and contains no heavy metals

Woodn MODULATUS System:

Woodn Modulatus is an indoor-outdoor covering available in boards of various formats and colors. This product offers spectacular decorative and aesthetic possibilities.

MODULATUS Applications:

Woodn Modulatus can be used to create coverings for walls, ventilated fa├žades, and false ceilings. Modulatus boards can be arranged either vertically or horizontally to provide the designer with the utmost creative freedom. The range of Modulatus profiles also includes a special five-strip profile that can be used to cover furniture and fittings.

Woodn AETERNUS System:

Woodn Aeternus is the definitive solution for outdoor use. It is resistant to both water and UV rays; it is self-extinguishing and stable when subjected to variations in humidity.

AETERNUS Applications:

From garden furniture to urban furniture; from walls to gazebo floors, decks, poolside, terraces... Woodn AETERNUS offers an infinite range of applications to ensure the utmost liveability of outdoor spaces.

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